The cultural heritage of the south Wales Jewish communities is at risk, and we need your help to preserve it!




We are launching an 8-week long crowdfunding campaign to raise £5,000 towards recording the memories and stories of the south Wales Jewish community. The leaflet below provides more details about the project, which will enable us to capture more than 70 oral histories and preserve them for future generations.


We feel that it is vital that these memories and stories are recorded before they are lost forever.


As part of a previous project, we collected 82 oral histories from older members of the community. Of those interviewees who graciously agreed to share their stories, 9 have since passed away, but their voices have not been lost. We are painfully aware that there are many others whose voices and recollections cry out to be recorded and preserved.


In 2019 you responded amazingly to support our previous crowdfunding campaign and we hope that you will again rise to the occasion.


We are running an ‘all or nothing’ campaign, which means that we need to raise 100% of our target to receive any money. If our project does not reach its target, no money is taken from our supporters and our project will not be funded.


Please take a few minutes to read the leaflet and share this link to the crowdfunding appeal with anyone you think may be interested in preserving Jewish heritage.


Crowdfunding link:


Thank you.



P.S.: We shall be organising online talks and events throughout the campaign. Look out for further announcements!

Memories of Aberdare Synagogue from one of our oral histories.