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Voices Through Time: Collecting Jewish oral histories

At the start of October 2021, the Jewish History Association of South Wales/Cymdeithas Hanes Iddewig De Cymru began a new oral history project which will last for 12 months. After a successful crowdfunding campaign during the summer, we are beginning to capture the stories of 70 members of the south Wales Jewish community. We have already had a very positive response; however, this oral history project is quite different to the one undertaken back in 2018/19. Previously, interviews would take place in people’s homes and the team would travel across the UK to capture the stories of those who had stayed in Wales and those who had left the community over the years. Now we are very aware of the safety of others during the Covid-19 Pandemic, so we took the decision to only interview using Zoom. Although this has changed the more personal aspects of face-to-face interviewing, it has enabled us to speak to people who now live outside the UK, including Israel and Australia. Over the next year I will share a new story every month which has been uncovered during our current oral history project.

Laura Henley Harrison, Oral History Officer.

If you, or anyone you know, feels they have a story to contribute to our project, please contact Laura Henley Harrison, Oral History Officer:

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