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A set of resources, created as part of European Network of Testimony-based Digital Education: Development of Key Competences and Civic Engagement (ENTDE). The ENTDE project was inspired by the educational challenges created by Covid-19 and the need for sustainable, localised digital materials. The project focuses on promoting empathy, civil action, and social inclusion to combat the current trends of racism and violence.

About the project/Am y Prosiect

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Côf a lithr, llythyrau a geidw: creating Holocaust resources for Welsh schools


Our Côf a lithr, llythyrau a geidw: creating Holocaust resources for Welsh schools project, created in partnership with the Centre for the Movement of People (CMOP), Aberystwyth University, has created 20 twenty bilingual (English/Welsh), locally relevant Holocaust educational resources for Key Stages 3 and 4 for teachers and students in Wales.

Each educational resource contains an activity plan for teachers and an activity sheet for learners. The activities encourage independent and collaborative enquiry and link directly to identified themes in the ‘descriptions of learning’ in the ‘progression steps’ of the Curriculum for Wales, e.g., human rights, injustice and inequality, and reliability and validity of evidence.


The material is age-appropriate (language, topics) and presented in a variety of ways, combining text, images, audio and video clips, and tables to ensure the resources are of interest to the students.

About the project.

Project resources have been uploaded to the Learn section of People's Collection Wales.

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