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Heritage Preservation Toolkit

JHASW/CHIDC have produced this Toolkit for those individuals, communities and organisations who are interested in digitally preserving and sharing their heritage, but who have little or no experience in this area.

By heritage, we mean the tangible and intangible records of your community. Tangible records are physical and might include, but not be limited to, printed documents, letters, photographs, newspaper clippings. Intangible records are the stories and memories of members of your community.

The Toolkit concentrates on two digital outcomes: Digitising documents and creating audio clips from oral history recordings.

The Toolkit provides basic guidance on the necessary equipment, the formats and standards relating to these outputs, and the workflows and processes that we use. Not all of these will be relevant to what you may want to do, but you should be able to select and use at least some parts of the Toolkit.

We have signposted other sites that will help support your digitisation process.

The Toolkit is available as a downloadable pdf.

We have also provided basic templates in doc format that you may wish to use during your project.

We would be grateful for any comments on the Toolkit; these can be submitted via our Contact Us form which you can access via the menu at the top of the page.

Heritage Preservation Toolkit

Appendix C_Pre-interview Questionnaire Template

Appendix D_Oral History Data Permission Template

Appendix E_Oral History Recording Agreement Template

Appendix F_ Permission Tangible Material Template

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