Heritage Toolkit

This toolkit makes available the instructions we use to train our volunteers to create and edit digital images and sound files for online publication.

We work closely with the People’s Collection Website, who host our material. Several of the processes, e.g. image size, are related specifically to their requirements, others are our own choices, e.g. adding a border and a logo. However, even if users feel they do not wish to use these specific parts of the toolkit, we hope there will be enough commonality between our processes and your requirements for  the toolkit to be useful.

We try to use free software packages wherever possible, as many individuals and smaller organisations cannot afford on-going subscriptions; to edit images we use Gimp and to edit sound files we use Audacity.

At the moment, the toolkit contains the following sections:

Editing images with Gimp.

Making audio-clips with Audacity

Things you might want to think about before you start.