Cardiff Reform Synagogue Holocaust Memorial Tablet

Mounted on the back wall of the Cardiff Reform Synagogue is a wooden tablet, illuminated by a light that is never extinguished. On the Tablet are the names of 102 individuals, related to members of the Congregation, whose lives were snuffed out in the Holocaust; they have no graves, but their names are inscribed here.

Of course, these are not simply names, they are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. Their lives deserve to be remembered, just as their deaths are commemorated.

The Tablet was commissioned in 1952 and erected in 1954, with 54 names inscribed. It was renovated in 1999, when a further 48 names were added. This is a fuller description of the Tablet.

Many of the original sponsors have since died or moved away from Cardiff, and little was known about many of the people listed. JHASW decided, as part of our second project, ‘Framing Jewish Histories’, to research all the names and ensure that a permanent record of their lives is preserved.

These narratives will be added to this section as they are finalised.

In the meantime, you can see a video of our volunteers talking about how they researched the tablet.

Cardiff Reform Synagogue Memorial Tablet

We have found information on 101 of the 102 names, but one name still eludes us -Jacob Kotlan, of Tarnow, Poland. If you know anything about Jacob, please contact us. It would be so disappointing if nothing is remembered of Jacob except this inscription.

The following Holocaust Memorial Tablet Narratives are now available.

Heinrich, Regina and Erna Gruenbaum

Martha and Siegfried Roether

Fritz Pollak