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Activity 4: Jewish Life in Pre-War Europe: Identity, Diversity and Commonality 

Age group:

Years 4-6 (ages 9-11)

Progression Step 3

In this activity, students will reflect on the concept of ‘identity’ and how they view their own personal identity.


Students will listen to the video testimony of Inge Hack, a Kindertransport refugee, and collect primary photographic evidence relating to her life in Germany, allowing them to understand the individuality of the Jewish lives affected by the Holocaust.


The students will also have an introduction to what Jewish identity, culture and communal life was like in Europe before World War 2 and consider how Jewish pre-war experiences differed or were similar.


The activity will allow students an opportunity to reflect on the points of commonality between their lives and those of Jews living in Europe before the war. It will also enable students to begin to appreciate the immense diversity of pre-war European Jewish culture.


The activity can be easily split into two shorter sessions where necessary – Tasks 1 and 2 can be covered in the first session and Tasks 3 and 4 can be completed in a second session.

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